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Author: Mr Hopkins

Important ‘Back to School’ Information September 2020

Hi everyone! We hope you have all had a fantastic summer and we’re looking forward to seeing you all. We are still going through strange times but we hope that at Tonnau we can continue to keep everyone happy and safe.

Everyone has had information regarding classes, start dates and times. If you are unsure you can email the school, check our school website or previous Schoop notices.

We would like to start the year off with the children wearing uniform as usual. If your child brings a packed lunch this can be brought in a wipeable lunch box or a plastic/paper bag. A healthy snack for morning play will be needed as there will be no fruit provided. Unfortunately your child will not be able to bring a bag/rucsack, however we will continue to check with guidelines and update you as necessary. PE kit will not be required at the moment.

Your child will need to bring in their own individual water bottle which they can bring in each day and take home.

Labelling your child’s clothes, bottles and lunchboxes will also be a huge help for everyone but more importantly to keep them safe.

More information regarding your child’s routine and learning will follow.

Please do not hesitate to email if you have any queries.

Many thanks


Return to School Hwb emails

As you can imagine we are very busy planning for the re-opening of our school. We will be sending more information out to you over the weekend.

Your child’s class teacher will be emailing them through Hwb on Sunday which will let you know your child’s ‘day’ for phased return.

If you have any problems accessing emails through your child’s HWB please contact me by

Many thanks for your continued support.


Schoop – A Reminder

Just a reminder that we are using the Schoop app. This is a fantastic way to engage with us as a school and to ensure that you don’t miss important information.

When downloading the app you will need the ID no 8269. I have attached the information below:

Letter for Parents

If you need any help please do not hesitate to email me.

Many thanks

J. Hopkins