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Our whole school attendance target is currently 92%.

100% Attendance0 days of learning missedBest chance of success
95% Attendance2 weeks of learning missedPoor attendance will impact on learning
90% Attendance4 weeks of learning missed
85% Attendance5 1/2 weeks of learning missedVery poor attendance, You are at risk of prosecution
80% AttendanceAt least 7 1/2 weeks of learning missed

Lateness Adds Up!

Being late by 15 minutes every day, will add up to TWO WEEKS of school being missed each year.

Education Welfare Officer (EWO)

Good attendance is intrinsic to achieving the best outcomes possible for individual learners. We have an Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) whose role is to provide help and support to families where regular school attendance is an issue. The EWO is supported by the school office staff who make ‘first day response’ calls/texts to parents of absent pupils. Our school EWO is Mrs Nicola Bryant.

Penalty Notices

Welsh Government has instructed all Local Authorities to implement Penalty Notices under the Education (Penalty Notice) (Wales) Regulations 2013. The Local Authority believes that any absence from school, for whatever reason, is detrimental to a child’s long term life opportunities, so should be avoided if at all possible. A Penalty Notice is an alternative to prosecution with the aim of seeking to secure an improvement in the child’s attendance at school.


Classroom doors are open for children at 8:50 a.m. Registers will be taken at 8:50 a.m. and they will be closed at 9:00 a.m. Any child arriving after this time is recorded as late. Pupils must report to the office if they are late. If a child is persistently late, you may be called in for a meeting with the Head Teacher and the Education Welfare Officer