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Our Vision/Curriculum Statement

Our vision for Tonnau Primary Community School would enable our pupils to say-

I feel safe, respected and valued in school.  I’m happy when my pages show what I really can do and I’m pleased for my friends when they are proud of their work too. 

I do my best in class and try to learn something new every day.  I use language and number to answer questions and I often use digital technologies in a safe and sensible way to help me.

I know the things I learn can help me solve problems in all sorts of different places, and I can use my skills by myself or as part of a group.

I can talk about where I live, what makes it special and how it’s part of my country and the world.  I know what happened here in the past and I can talk about how we can all try and keep our community safe, fair and eco-friendly for the future.

I can find ways to keep myself healthy and I know how to keep my mind and body active and busy.

I may not get all this right every time – but I know I can always ask for help and learn from my mistakes.

I know my school wants me to be Conscientious, Considerate, Confident, Contemplative, Curious, Courageous, Creative and a Contributor.


As a school, we are working hard to make sure our pupils make clear progress through our curriculum to achieve this vision.  In order to support clear progression, our curriculum will support our pupils to work with –

  • Increasing effectiveness as a learner
  • Increasing breadth and depth of knowledge
  • A deepening understanding of the ideas and disciplines within Areas
  • Refinement and growing sophistication in the use and application of skills
  • The ability to make connections and transfer learning into new contexts

These five principles will inform our improvement plans, training opportunities and partner working for the coming terms.

We have many policies and routines in place to keep our school the safe and hardworking place we all value. To view any of our policies or to find out more about our school please contact the office on 01639 637062.